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Storage & Logistics

Whether you need to improve the utilisation of space within your warehouse or provide security and safety for your employees, we offer a wide range of products to help. Installation is quick and easy thanks to well thought through design solutions. The door construction is extra strong to withstand frequent daily use. All doors are delivered pre-assembled. The posts can be used for up to 11 meters tall freestanding structures.

We provide wire mesh decks for load capacities between 99kg/m² kg and 3900kg/m² kg. Our wire mesh systems are galvanized; creating a durable finish that does not require powder coating.

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Anti collapse mesh

Efficient and safe installation.

The unique design of Garantell’s anti collapse mesh prevents goods from falling out and causing injury to personnel or damage to goods beneath. The steel mesh is fitted to the rear or to the side of the pallet racking.

The panels are usually assembled from the outside with clamps and sheet metal screws. This reduces the assembly time significantly, compared to traditional bolts and nuts. Constructed in a brickwork pattern for additional strength, the panels are then bolted together to give the desired width and height. Heights are available in intervals of 100 mm, the width of the end panels is cut to suit on site and finished using trim kits.

Mesh size

  • 38 x 97 mm (standard)
  • 18 x 97 mm, for automated stores meeting the safety requirements of a safety distance of 120 mm according to EN ISO 13857:2008 table 4.

We also offer the following accessories to supplement our rear and side mesh:

  • Upright extension – for extending the upright when the mesh needs to finish higher.
  • Lager opening – trimming kits for larger openings in the mesh screen.
  • Surface treatment – all standard parts are galvanized (8-25 µm) for use indoors. They are also available powder coated in any RAL colour.

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Wire mesh decking

For effective storage of goods in a variety of sizes.

Garantell’s mesh decking enables smart and safe storage of goods. Our designers have kept all the details in mind, from economy, to the uniqueness of your facility, and what it takes to protect the materials you handle. The wire decks work equally well for storing small items individually or for goods on pallets. They don’t collect dust and will allow light and water to pass through, which is often a requirement in areas with sprinkler systems. Wire decks also allow a clear view of upper tiers.

Our mesh deckings are free of any protrusions that might catch box surfaces – allowing goods to slide in and out easily. The top wires run from front to back and are bent to sit over the pallet racking beams, thus strengthening the racking beam and preventing the shelf from falling out by overload.

The mesh decks are tested and CE-marked, in order to give you as a customer the re-assurance for the safety and construction. Each mesh deck is marked with an identity number and its individual loading capacity. Read more about the CE-marking here:, or watch the film clip of the testing process here:


Choose from a variety of standard sizes, or let us design and build a custom deck to your specifications.

Load capacities:

Our wire mesh decking's are very flexible to fullfill your needs. As an example the most common depth, 1100 mm, is available in load capacities from 99kg/m² up to 1900kg/m²

We also offer the following accessories and options to supplement our wire decks:

  • Clip dividers – our dividers have two special clips that make them easy to attach to the decks.
  • Surface treatment – all standard parts are galvanized (8-25 µm) for use indoors.

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Industrial walls

Stable walls and safe installation.

With focus on stability and short installation times, have we developed an industrial wall that meets most needs. The strength lies in stable posts and pre-assembled heavy doors, providing a stable system that can be assembled quickly. The installation costs are often a relatively large proportion of the total cost of a safety net. The customer can save time on site with our warehouse wall, and we reduce the risk that something goes missing or is incorrectly installed.


  • Mesh size: 18x97 mm
  • Accessories: Vertical cutting kit for width adjustment, horizontal cutting kit for height adjustment, end moulding – edge protectors made of rubber for smaller cut outs in the mesh.


  • Types: Single post and double posts used for higher fencing or as reinforcement around bigger doors.
  • Floor assemby options: Anchor bolts (standard), chemical fixing, hex cap screw or J-hook for gratings.


  • Roof of mesh modules for cages.

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